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What is iBeacon?

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iBeacon is a protocol developed by Apple that allows iOS devices to detect and communicate with beacons in order to provide location-based information and services. iBeacons use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to broadcast a small amount of data to nearby devices.

Here’s how iBeacon works:

  1. A beacon device is placed in a physical location and configured to broadcast a unique identifier.
  2. An iOS device with the necessary software installed (such as an app) scans for nearby BLE signals.
  3. When the iOS device detects a signal from an iBeacon, it can determine the proximity of the beacon based on the strength of the signal.
  4. The iOS device can then use the identifier broadcast by the iBeacon to determine its location and trigger a specific action or display specific information, such as a push notification or a discount coupon for a nearby store.

iBeacon is just one example of a BLE-based proximity solution, but it has been widely adopted due to its support on the iOS platform. BLE beacons can be used for a wide range of applications, including indoor navigation, proximity marketing, and location-based services.